Alright, it’s been a while since I wrote a post on fosslife. To be honest, it’s been a year. I stopped writing because I was looking for a job change last year, which lasted for like 6 months or something and then with new job, new responsibilities and stuff.

But anyway, here I am, hopefully will try to write every weekend if time permits. So to start after a long gap I have decided not to pick a technical topic this time. Instead I will be listing out my favorite apps and tools that I use in my daily life for better productivity. Of course this will change in upcoming years but as of today (Dec 2019), this is what I find most comfortable


let’s talk about hardware first as it’s a small topic. software tools vary from multiple Operating Systems to neovim to fonts so we will cover the tool later. Currently, I own a single desktop machine of my own and a Laptop provided by my current Organization. The Desktop, I call it “VeloCT” is almost 3/4 years old, but still runs flawlessly. I assembled VeloCT myself at my home, and when I bought it, I made sure that I am getting the latest and fastest hardware I could get within my budget (isn’t that what we always do?). It runs on a Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4690 CPU @ 3.50GHz CPU overclocked at 3.9 GHz 😃 At that time my requirement for RAM was not that high, so I bought a single Corsair 8GB 1600 MHz DDR3 RAM. PS: it has 10 years of warranty.

Here’s a deal breaker though :- I don’t have a GPU (as of now). Having an external GPU for desktops is a really common thing, but unfortunately I had to decide between buying a powerful CPU + no GPU OR a mediocre CPU + mediocre GPU (within the budget of course). And for me the choice was easy. So I went for high end CPU and no GPU as I am not a Designer or Gamer anyway (I regret it sometimes though).

For monitors, I have dual monitor setup, primary is 61 cm (24" in retarded) Samsung Curved and secondary is 43 cm (17" in retarded) Dell. and if I am working from home, I sometimes attach my monitors to my laptop too.

So to list things out here’s my hardware

  • Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4690 CPU @ 3.50GHz
  • Corsair 8GB 1600 MHz DDR3 RAM
  • MSI Z87-G55 Military Class 4 Motherboard
  • Samsung 61 cm Curved + Dell 43 cm
  • Amazon Basic Keyboard + Mouse Combo
  • Maono AU-A04 Condenser Microphone Kit for recording tutorials etc
  • 4/5 different headphones/earphones according to need
  • Arduino and supporting (lots of) electronic components to play around sometimes

And stuff….


That’s a quite huge topic to be honest. Also everyone likes to use what they are most comfortable in. Without describing much I will just list out my development environment


  • VSCode
    • Atom One Dark, Dracula, One Dark Pro and Material Icons theme
    • Vetur for VueJS apps
    • Prettier, ESlint for JS projects
    • Fira Code, Inconsolata
    • RLS and few other Rust tooling
    • Quokka.js for rapid prototyping
    • Gitlens
  • Vim
    • vim-coc


  • Nodejs with nvs and Yarn
  • Golang
  • Rust with rustup and cargo
  • Python
  • Clojure with leiningen


  • zsh, antigen, oh-my-zsh
  • starship
  • rofi
  • flameshot
  • SimpleScreenRecorder


  • i3-gaps and other i3 tools
  • xfce4
  • urxvt or kitty